"a picture of country life in Virginia"

    John Pendleton Kennedy (1795-1870) grew up in Baltimore. Swallow Barn, his first book, attempts to do for a southern plantation what Irving's Bracebridge Hall had done for the English manor house. Originally published in 1832 in Philadelphia, the collection of sketches purports to be an account of the "seeings and thinkings" of Mark Littleton on his first visit to the South. Addressed to a fellow Northerner, Littleton's descriptions of Frank Merriwether and his estate bathe the plantation in a kind of nostalgic glow that nonetheless does political work in the present. The first edition was published on the eve of the Nullification Controversy. Kennedy decided to republish it in the early 1850s, he wrote to a fellow Southerner, as "an antidote to the abolition mischief." As you'll see in the four chapters accessible below, Merriwether feels that slavery is wrong, theoretically, but proves to his Northern visitor that his Negro slaves "could never become a happier people" than they are at present, as slaves at Swallow Barn.

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Swallow Barn; or, A Sojourn in the Old Dominion, by John Pendleton Kennedy. Revised Edition, With Twenty Illustrations by Strother. New York: George P. Putnam, 1851.

Illustration for Chapter 3

Illustration for Chapter 41
  • I. Swallow Barn
  • II. A Country Gentleman
  • III. Family Portraits
  • IV. Family Paragons
  • V. Ned Hazard
  • VI. Pursuits of a Philosopher
  • VII. Traces of the Feudal System
  • VIII. The Brakes
  • IX. An Eclogue
  • X. Colloquies
  • XI. Pranks
  • XII. A Confession
  • XIII. A Man of Pretensions
  • XIV. My Grand Uncle
  • XV. The Old Mill
  • XVI. Proceedings at Law
  • XVII. Strange Symptoms
  • XVIII. The National Anniversary
  • XIX. The Country Court
  • XX. Opinions and Sentiments
  • XXI. Philpot Wart
  • XXII. The Philosopher Unbent
  • XXIII. Trial by View
  • XXIV. Merriment and Sobriety
  • XXV. The Old School
  • XXVI. The Raking Hawk
  • XXVII. The Award
  • XXVIII. The Goblin Swamp
  • XXIX. Story Telling | Mike Brown
  • XXX. An Interlude
  • XXXI. Summer Mornings
  • XXXII. A Country Gathering
  • XXXIII. The Dinner Table
  • XXXIV. A Breaking-up
  • XXXV. Knight Errantry
  • XXXVI. A Joust at Utterance
  • XXXVII. Moonshine
  • XXXVIII. The Last Minstrel
  • XXXIX. Signs of a Hero
  • XL. A Council of War
  • XLI. Woodcraft
  • XLII. One Act of a Farce
  • XLIII. The Fate of a Hero
  • XLIV. Oratory
  • XLV. Stable Wisdom
  • XLVI. The Quarter
  • XLVII. A Negro Mother | Abe
  • XLVIII. Clouds
  • XLIX. Pleasant Prospects
  • Postscript

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