Published every other Thursday just across the Canadian border from Detroit, this short-lived paper was the work of Henry C. Bibb, whose autobiography is in the SLAVE NARRATIVES section of the archive. The paper was issued from 1851 to end of 1852. Given the amount of coverage in other African American and Abolitionist media, Bibbs' pages pay surprisingly little attention to Stowe's novel, and nothing that he wrote or republished suggests that he had read the novel. He did try to use its popularity, however, to promote a cause he made repeated appeals for: the Homes for Refugees fund he first announced in the Voice of the Fugitive on 12 February 1852.

Listed here are all the paper's articles about or references to Uncle Tom's Cabin, except for a reprinting of a notice from the Liberator about the 1852 dramatization that was performed at New York's National Theatre. You can see that article in the THEATER REVIEWS section of the archive.

  • [Bibb's Reply to Christian Observer (6 May 1852)
  • Origin of Uncle Tom's Cabin (20 May 1852)
  • Mrs. Stowe's Support of Two Mulattos (29 July 1852)
  • Homes for Refugees (29 July 1852)
  • Incident for Another "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (18 November 1852)

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