The Duncan Sisters: Sources Consulted
This essay is based in great part on contemporary newspaper accounts of the various runs of Topsy and Eva. Like most web projects it is a work in process. Listed below by city, by year of performance and by date of publication are articles that informed this essay.
San Francisco 1923

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Los Angeles 1923

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Chicago 1923-24

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"Cicero Cops Clubbed Her, Actress Says," Chicago Tribune, 5 July 1924, 1.

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New York 1924-25

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Boston 1925

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Chicago 1925

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Louisville 1925

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Washington D.C. 1925-26

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Philadelphia 1926

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Denver 1926

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__________, "Duncan Sisters Disprove Theory of "Tin Pan Alley' Girls Can't Write Songs," Rocky Mountain News, 16 Ap. 1926, 9.

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The Movie 1927

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London, England 1928

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Los Angeles 1931

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Chicago 1933-34

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Los Angeles 1942

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