"words is so curis, can't never get 'em right!"
                  -- Chloe, Chapter 21, Uncle Tom's Cabin

Minstrelsy & Blackface English

Sam in the kitchen, Chapter 8
  • Rev. Snowball's Sermon on Millerism
        The New York Herald (11 November 1842)
  • From Turner's Comic Almanac (1850)
          Mozart, or De White Banjo
          Extension of Civil-Eye-Zation
  • From Bone Squash's Black Joke Al-Ma-Nig (1851)
          De Magic Coon
          De Scared Niggers an' de Lost Punch
          De Gal-Wan-Eyes-ing Power ob Music
          Possum Fat an' de Dog's Paw
          De Horrid Exprize
          Dark Faces an' Bright Eye-deas
          A Drop in de Eye ob Human Life

  • From Black Diamonds, by Prof. Julius Ceasar Hannibal (1855)
  • From Brudder Bones' Book of Stump Speeches, compiled by John F. Scott (1868)
          Burlesque Lecture on Woman's Rights
          DIALOGUE: Geology
          DIALOGUE: Sailing
          DIALOGUE: Julius' Peaches
          DIALOGUE: The Bet
          DIALOGUE: The Misfortunes of His Lady Love

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