Cartoonists See the Show

  • "A Black Joke"
          Yankee Notions (c. 1853)
  • "The Decline of the Stage"
          Unidentified Ilustration (n.d.)
  • "The Uncle Tommers' Christmas Dinner"
          Puck Magazine (c. 1885)
  • "The Uncle Tom's Cabin Season"
          Puck Magazine (c. 1885)
  • "A Cinch"
          Unidentified newspaper cartoon (c. 1910)
  • "Simon Gets a Front Seat at Uncle Tom's Cabin"
          The New York Press (11 January 1903)
  • "The Thrill That Comes Once in a Lifetime"
          The New York World (1926)
  • "Uncle Tom To-Night"
          The Saturday Evening Post (26 March 1927)
  • "The Show Is Not Dead, But Sleeping"
          Boston Sunday Globe (13 January 1930)

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