Publicity Notices

In the "1927 Cinema Clippings File" at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts are six typescripts of publicity stories created by Universal Studios as part of the campaign to promote Carl Laemmle's Super Jewel version of Uncle Tom's Cabin. They were prepared across two years in two different offices -- the first four at Universal City in California, the last two at Universal's New York office. They tend, however, to be preoccupied with one concern: getting white Southerners to see the film. The stories try putting various spins on the studio's anxiety, including saying that "Southerners are anxious to see the film," pointing out that Stowe's original novel actually blamed "northerners" for the evils of slavery, and promising that director Pollard, himself a Southerner, was revising Stowe's novel to tell the "real truth" about the old South. With typical Hollywood creativity, they even claim that, by preaching "tolerance" -- for the white South -- the film will not only be the best movie ever made, but "will have achieved something far finer than mere entertainment."

Still used as illustration in
Grosset & Dunlap's "Movie Edition" of novel
  • South Eager to See "UTC"
        By Tom Reed (11 December 1925)
  • Who's Going to Play Little Eva?
        [By Tom Reed?] (before June 1926)
  • Preliminary Sequences Indicate [Outstanding Film]
        [By Tom Reed?] (5 May 1926)
  • [Film Will Not Discredit South]
        [By Tom Reed?] (1 December 1926)
  • Pollard Explains Why He "Revamps" Stowe
        [By James Hood Macfarland?] (1927?)
  • [Laemmle Defies Old "UTC" Prints]
        By James Hood Macfarland (1927?)

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