Uncle Tom's Cabin Picture Book
New York: Graham & Matlack, 1913



  Years ago people had negro slaves to do their work for them. Uncle Tom was a faithful, honest old slave whose master, Mr. Shelby, lived in a large house on his plantation.

  Uncle Tom and his wife Aunt Chloe lived in a log cabin near the house of their master. They lived happily until one day Uncle Tom was sold to a man named Haley.


  ELIZA, when pursued by the slave dealers, ran to the shore of the Ohio river with her baby in her arms and, leaping from cake to cake of ice, crosses to the Ohio side and was free. The dogs and men did not dare follow.

  GEORGE fired the pistol and one of the others pushed the bad man over the cliff. Down he fell into the chasm, crashing through the trees and bushes till he lay bruised and groaning thirty feet below.


  Eliza, another slave whose son Little Harry was also sold, would not part with him, so she ran away. The man who bought Harry pursued them with blood hounds, but Eliza escaped, by crossing a river on broken ice.

  Uncle Tom was sold by Mr. Haley to a Mr. St. Clare whose daughter Little Eva, Uncle Tom had saved from drowning, when she fell over board from a steam boat they were on. Little Eva's Aunt Ophelia was housekeeper for Mr. St. Clare.


  TOM and Eva used to sit in a little mossy seat in the arbor. Eva reads the Bible to him and they talked together of the beautiful things they read. Eva says she sees in the beautiful waters of the lake "the sea of glass mingled with fire" and Uncle Tom sings to her.

  TOPSY was always in mischief. Instead of making the bed she would amuse herself with the pillow cases, dress the bolster up in Miss Ophelia's night clothes and make faces at herself in the glass.


  Uncle Tom and Eva loved each other dearly and Uncle Tom did everything he could to please her. He made playthings for her and often took her on his knee and read to her from the bible, and told her stories.

  Eva felt so sorry for the slaves, that she wanted to have them set free. Many times she went to her father and asked him to make Uncle Tom free, so he could go back to his wife Aunt Chloe.


  Miss Ophelia had a little slave servant called Topsey who was very naughty, and stole many things, for she did not know any better. But Eva was always patient and kind to her and tried to teach her better habits.

  Miss Ophelia taught Topsey how to make beds and do other things, but Topsey always was at mischief when not being watched. One day Miss Ophelia found Topsey at her dresser, putting powder on her face and trying her toilet articles.


  EVA dies, surrounded by her family and the slaves, and everyone is made very unhappy. Everybody loved her for her beautiful life and remembered most of all how she loved them. But they know she is happier now than she has ever been.

  SOON after Eva's death her father passes away and all his slaves are sold. Poor Uncle Tom is sold at auction to a cruel man, who takes him down the river to work on his plantation.

  Uncle Tom is very sad at the loss of all his friends and freedom.


  Topsey was always being scolded for her sins, and she remembered what was told her. She used to gather the other little darkies around her and scold them, telling them they were all sinners. Just like the big folks told her.

  Good old Uncle Tom was always doing something for Eva. THere was hardly a day passed that he did not bring her fruit or flowers. And the sight of her awaiting his approach filled his heart with joy.


  THIS is a picture of one of the great dismal swamps that the negroes used to hide in when fleeing from their masters. The old house, deserted by the white masters, is probably inhabited by a negro running from men and blood hounds and waiting for a chance to push further north.


  Eva was a delicate child and she knew herself that she did not have long to live. That made her more anxious about the slaves. She would go to her mother and plead with her to teach them how to read and write.

  When Eva and her father died Uncle Tom was sold to a man who treated him so cruelly that he did not live long thereafter. Mr. Shelby, Uncle Tom's first master, died and his son, George, freed all of his slaves.