The Washington Post
Unsigned Notice
Washington, D.C.: 19 April 1896



Some Managers Who Make Money Out of Nothing.

  . . . "Then there is another class of managers far removed from the Pulses, and among them I am proud to say that I have many friends," continued Mr. Blase. "This class, through their own toil and by their own pains, have risen to a stable eminence. I will take Tom Davis as an example. Tom as a lad served an apprenticeship with the Barnum and Forepaugh shows. And from the ranks of the circus we get many of our brainiest managers. Tom left the circus and embarked on his own hood, as the proprietor of a repertoire company playing 'Kathleen Mavourneen,' 'Pearl of Savoy,' and, in fact, the old stand-by stock pieces, with 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' thrown in in case of emergency. 'Uncle Tom's Cabin,' you know, is the great and only emergency play in the one night stands, for the catch-as-catch-can repertoire companies.

  It has saved countless actors from an encounter with hotel proprietors, a low music exit from wayside burgs. . . .