Chicago Tribune
Unsigned Article
3 February 1918


  . . . In one of his theatrical ventures the Big Fellow played Simon Legree in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." He was an earnest villain, as was proved when in his first night appearance at Boston he laid the whip on the person of Uncle Tom so honestly poor Uncle Tom had to be sent to a hospital for repairs.

* *

  John was asked how the hisses drawn by is portrayal of Simon Legree affected him. "Hisses are what I'm looking for," he answered. "That's applause for me. At first the hisses made me angry, but now whenever I can bring out the hisses you can bet I'm all right. I would be a fine lobster to play that part without a hiss."

* *

  John L.'s opinion of his vehicle, "Uncle Tom's Cabin": "The play is as strong as an onion, and everybody cries. That should have a good effect."