Unidentified Paper
Frank T. Graham
23 July 1894

  FRANK T. GRAHAM, Phildelphia, Pa.: Col. T. Allston Brown, after a careful research, declares that the first Uncle Tom's Cabin play of which he can find any record was written by Professor Hewitt, of Baltimore, Md., and was produced at the Museum in that city on January 5, 1852. It was subsequently brought out at the old Marshall Theatre, of Richmond, Va. It was not, however, a dramatization of Mrs. Stowe's novel, but was written as an offset to that book, and was called Uncle Tom's Cabin As It Is. The first production of the dramatized novel occurred at Purdy's National Theatre, on August 23, 1852. The author was Charles Western Taylor. This version was a comparative failure, as it was only acted eleven times. The first successful dramatic version of Uncle Tom's Cabin was written by George L. Aiken, and was brought out at the Museum of Troy, N.Y. . . . Succeeding dramatizations of Uncle Tom's Cabin were made by Clifton W. Tayleure, Mark Lemon, H. J. Conway, Henry E. Stevens, Robert Johnstone, Clay Greene, and others. The version produced at the Star Theatre, New York city, last May was by James W. Harkins, Jr., and Edwin Barbour.