Uncle Tom's Cabin
George F. Rowe, for Messrs. Jarrett & Palmer
Printed for Private Circulation Only, 1878


  Banks of the Ohio. The stream blocked with moving cakes of ice. Eliza with Harry, rushes down the bank.

  ELIZA. No boat! No boat! The river blocked with the floating, treacherous ice! Is there no escape. Oh!

(Gives a cry of agony.

  HAL. (Without.) Hip! we've got her! She's treed. Seize her, you damn'd nigger!

  ELIZA. No hope! No hope, then death!

(She leaps on to the first ice block as they enter, Marks, Haley and Sambo on the bank.)

  HAL. Ten thousand devils.

  ELIZA. (Leaps to another block, and clasping the boy to her breast, kneels.) Oh! Merciful Father! To Thy infinite care I commit his little life and mind.



  The person who plays Marks will not indulge in any gags here.