Uncle Tom's Cabin
George F. Rowe, for Messrs. Jarrett & Palmer
Printed for Private Circulation Only, 1878


A Rocky Pass and Waterfall (see model). Music. Enter Eliza from the bushes at back with Harry. The boy cries.

  ELIZA. Hush, Harry. Hush, my baby. You are hungry, I know. A little further and I will beg something for my darling. There are liberal hands about who will give a mother food, if their laws deny us a refuge. Hark! Footsteps! Am I pursued? Oh, God! protect my child! (She runs to the bushes.)

(Enter Bird, George and Phineas, R. S. E.)

  BIRD. Do you know where we are, Phineas?

  PHI. Do I? Yea, verily. I've hunted bars around these woods since I could whistle. Hark! What's that?

  GEO. I heard a smothered cry, as of some one in pain.

(Music. Eliza rushes out and falls on her knees.)

  ELIZA. If you are men give me a crust of bread. My boy is crying with hunger, and I have not a morsel of food for—oh!—

  GEO. Merciful heaven! Eliza, my wife!

  ELIZA. (With a wild cry.) It is George, my husband! Thank God!

  BIRD. Hurrah! Found! Hurrah!

  PHI. Jehosaphat! how lucky I had a corn cake in my pocket. Hug away you two. I'll feed the young 'un.

(Phineas goes to the boy. Bird reconnoiters.)

  ELIZA. Oh, George, my husband! we are together, and I fear nothing now.

  GEO. But we are not safe yet, love, although I can scent the free air afar off.

  BIRD. Hark the voices of men below.

  GEO. In pursuit—they have tracked us!

  BIRD. They will ascend where we left the chaise in the woods.

  PHI. Let 'em! I'll show you a path up the rocks—there—single file—that will puzzle 'em to follow.


  BIRD. Go on then. Lead the way, Phineas, but—don't shoot, George, don't shoot!

  ELIZA. No, George, for my sake—for Harry's.

  GEO. I will attack no man, but I'll fight to the last drop of my blood, ere they shall take us again, love, or part us.

  PHI. That's right, George, don't hit unless you're obligated, but if you do hit, hit hard.

  BIRD. There they are. Run.

(Music. General escape. They ascend the rocks as Legree, Haley, and Marks enter below.)

  HAL. Come on, all of ye!

  LEG. The coons are treed, by thunder!

  MARKS. Jehu! They jump like wild cats!

  HAL. Thar's the gal, and the boy, too.

  LEG. Now, Marks, you represent the law. Speak up!

  MARKS. We want a party of runaway niggers—Eliza Harris, her boy, and her husband, George Harris, of Shelby County.

  GEO. (From the rocks.) I am George Harris, of Shelby County, and a man did once call me his property. But I am now a free man, standing on God's free soil, and my wife and child I claim as mine!

  MARKS. Come, come, young man, that will do. We've got the law on our side; so give in peacefully.

  GEO. I know you've got the law; but I've got nature and justice on mine. If you want us, come and take us; but I warn you that the first who ventures within range of my weapon is a dead man.

  PHI. And the man who comes within range of my fist is booked for a long spell of sickness.

  MARKS. Oh, my eye! Look out, Simon! they'll shoot.

  LEG. Let 'em shoot, and be darned! I was never afeard o' niggers, alive or dead. So here goes.

  GEO. Leap, Eliza! leap for dear life!

  PHI. I'll carry the boy.


(Eliza leaps from one stone to the other across the cataract. Phineas follows, and places the boy in her arms.)

  GEO. (Barring the way.) Now come on!

  PHI. Let 'em have it. Come on you nigger-hunting, crimson-minded thieves.

  LEG. Take that. (Fires.)

  PHI. And you—take that—and that!

(They fire. Legree falls.)

  LEG. Curse you! Curse.

(Marks rolls over. Tableau.)