Uncle Tom; or, Life Among the Lowly
H[enry]. J. Conway
Boston: unpublished manuscript, c1852

Act 4th

  Scene 1

A slave warehouse in New Orleans. This can be in 2nd grooves.
Painted in perspective representing the women's quarters on one side L.H. and men's on the other R.H. of flat through arches—a low form or bench on either side little up stage. On them are seated Rosa, Jane and Dinah, on one side, on the other, other negro women, one with baby. Tom stands down a little and Adolph leans against window. Other negro men and women standing R.H. and L.H. clapping their hands and laughing while one negro man dances a regular break down (a good dancer for this) Sambo stands on one side highly delighted but in his laughter or comedy he is boisterous and brutal in contrast with Sam Act 1st. Music.

  Ginger. Ya! Wow, Pompy give us the regular plantation jig. Show 'em how it's done old fellow. Hi! Ya! I'll give you the music.

Dance plantation jig.

  Sambo. Dat's de how! Lay 'em down nigger! Yah!


  Sambo. Yah! Yah! (goes to Tom) Why don't you laugh. What you doing meditatin', eh. (pushes him rudely)

  Tom. (R.H.) I am to be sold today at auction.

  Sambo. Well, so is ebbery one of you, you too, eh?

Lays hands on Adolph L.H. center.

  Adolph. (shakes and brushes the place he touched) Keep your filthy hands off, nigger. Don't defile me with your low, vulgar, dirty touch.

  Sambo. Haw! Haw! Haw! Dis yer's one ob your white niggers. Kind a cream coloured yer know, scented and— (sniffs)

  Adolph. Common nigger, keep your distance.

  Sambo. Common nigger! Yah! Yah! (looks at Jane and Rosa) and here's two more ob de same kind! Only dem is de shemale sects.

  Rosa. (tossing her head L.H.) Go away dirt.

  Jane. (tossing her head) Dust under the foot!

  Sambo. Haw! Haw! Here's de airs and graces.


(imitating all three) Common nigger! Go away, dirt! Dust under de foot! We's bin in a great family, I spec's.

  Dinah. (goes up to him X from L) Look a here, nigger. Don't you dar to 'buse our family of de St. Clare's. Let one word come out of your ugly head, I make you swaller em down agin quicker! You hear dat nigger?

  Adolph. Yes, our master was a gentleman, not a nigger driver on a plantation, like some niggers masters.

  Sambo. What you mean by dat? My massa Legree is—

  Dinah. A brute—a hog—a nigger driver—dar dat's what he is. Sell 'em to buy me—make me his cook, guess I cook him one dinner he nebber want another.

  Sambo. Buy you, no. We has women enough on the plantation. Yer only fit to trade off wid a lot of cracked teapots and sich like. Specially you. (pushes Adolph)

  Adolph. I told you not to defile me, nigger, take that. (strikes him, Sambo is rushing on


him. Dinah clings hold of him, cuffs him as do Jane and Rosa. Tom interferes and tries to separate them when enters Loker with a large whip L.H.)

  Loker. (cracks whip) Hello! here! what now? order, order. What's de matter here?

(they all run R & L but Sambo and Tom)

  Sambo. It's these yer hands. St. Clare's niggers is cuttin' up. This yer one particular. (points to Tom)

  Loker. He did, eh. (to Tom) Reckon you calclated to go back to Kentucky didn't you?

  Tom. Had Master St. Clare lived, I should have been a free man four years ago, but I still hope to be so soon.

  Loker. May be you may, but I reckon you'll have to work some first.

Enter Legree L.H. all the niggers shrink and huddle together.

  Legree. What's this I hear about Tom, St. Clare's Tom, Kentucky Tom that was?


  Loker. What about him? There he stands.

  Legree. (crosses to Tom) I mean to own you, that's enough. Go to the rest of the niggers. (Tom goes up) What about here? Why I just come from his mistress, St. Clare's widow. She says there's a party two Northerners are going to buy him to free him—but—Oh! here they come.

Enter L.H. Aunty & Penetrate & Topsy. Topsy [2 ILLEGIBLE WORDS] dressed up in [3 ILLEGIBLE WORDS].

  Penetrate. How d'ye do? Which be the drover of your two?

  Loker. Drover!

  Penetrate. Yes—which on you has the cattle to sell.

Aunty goes up with Topsy and seems to talk to June and Rosa and Dinah.

  Loker. Cattle!

  Penetrate. Yes, the crittures.

  Loker. Cattle—crittures—what do you mean?


  Penetrate. What do I mean! Why niggers.

  Loker. Oh!

  Penetrate. Ah! (in same key) I want to see one with the St. Clare mark on to him. The crittures name is Tom. He's a black gentle critture, but powerful strong. Trot him out.

  Legree. (comes forward) What's all this gibberish?

  Penetrate. Gibberish. Guess it's natral talk in these warehouses ginerally. Don't you understand it? It's suited to all brutes particlarly.

  Legree. What do you mean by that?

  Penetrate. (riling a little) What do I mean? Why I mean I want to look at a black critture called Tom, a nigger man, I want to look a man in the face. I like to talk to a man ginerally and not much to human spectators particularly.


  Legree. (Drawing out a Bowie knife from a sheath) Do you see this?

  Penetrate. (looking closely at it) I do. Guess it's a butcher's knife! Do you stick hogs with it?

  Legree. Yes.

  Penetrate. What, black uns on two legs?

  Legree. Aye and white ones on two legs if they thrust their snouts where they shouldn't ought to. (Goes up R.H.)

  Penetrate. If all hogs was stuck as thrusts their snouts where they shouldn't ought tu ginerally, gess you'd ha' been stuck as soon as you thrust yours among human beings particlarly.

  Aunty. (comes forward with Tom, to Penetrate) Spouse! (R.H.)

  Penetrate. (L.H.) Duck!

  Aunty. There's poor Tom. Do say something to comfort him, spouse!


  Penetrate. I will. Duck, Tom!

  Tom. Sir!

  Penetrate. You'll be sold in half a hour.

  Tom. I know it, Sir.

  Penetrate. That damned brute yonder (points to Legree) will buy you.

  Tom. I fear so, Masser.

  Penetrate. If he does, in three days he'll kill you.

  Aunty. Spouse!

  Penetrate. Duck! Mark me, I said if. If is a word that conveys considerable of doubt ginerally and in this case a darned whisper particlarly. (to Tom) You see, Uncle Tom, Duck here and I is hitched teams, joined in the holy bonds of wedlock.

  Tom. I wish master and mistress both joy.

  Penetrate. Which we can't have without we do our


duty as human beings ginerally and in your case particlarly. Since we was hitched we've been tu hom in Vermont, and Duck, she's scraped all she could of the stuff that constitutes human happiness ginerally—money.

  Aunty. Not in our case, Spouse?

  Penetrate. No, Duck, not particularly; but, as I was saying, Duck's scraped, and I've scraped and both our scrapings put together don't amount to much. But every red cent of it shall be plunked down to buy you, and carry out your master's intention, for St. Clare was a noble fellow, an honor to human nature ginerally and if—mind, I say if, that brute buys you, I don't often swear, but if he does, it will be because Duck and I ain't got money enough, and then, I shall damn the want of it particularly.

  Tom. Oh! Master! Oh! Mistress you are too good, you—

  Penetrate. Shut up, Uncle Tom, we ain't a bit better than human beings should be ginerally but may be a little mite better in this


case particularly. Now, Uncle Tom, keep a good heart. Duck and I will be at the auction and if, mind I say if, if that brute buys you, why he does, but if he does I'm damned.

Aunty places her hand on his lips.

  Aunty. Spouse!

  Penetrate. Duck! (Exeunt arm in arm L.H.)

Topsy comes forward with Dinah, Jane, Rosa, and Adolph.

  Topsy. You see, niggers. Tho' I is riz and is free, I ain't proud. I has traveled with Massa and Mistress. I has bin among the white folks at the North. I has tended several if not more ob de meetin's ob de respectible coloured poplation dar. When I returns, I shall jine agin a binevolence s'ciety, if I can't do nothin' more, I can elucidate to dat s'ciety de necessity ob doin' somethin' for dere coloured bredren in bondage. I is bound to be a risin' member—and when I guess back—if I is called to de char, I shall speak of you all, and for de gineral benefit of all ob you poor distressed niggers I shall imi-


tation de example of other illustrious speakers and hand roun' de hat.

[Swims?] out with an air after Penetrate & Aunty L.H.
Hand bell rings outside.

  Loker. There's the bell. The auction is open. Come get ready. (to the niggers)

  Legree. Here Sambo! (Sambo comes down) You go along with the niggers and tell Haley—the auctioneer, that is to sell St. Clare's niggers—that I must speak to him, before the sale, must you understand.

  Sambo. Yes, Massa, I understand. (goes up) Come all you niggers, march to be sold.

Music—They march out R.2.E. Sambo stands to see them out then wheels out after them R.H.

  Loker. What makes you so set on that nigger Tom?

  Legree. What! The morsel that sweetens existence. Revenge!

  Loker. Why, what did the nigger ever do to you?


  Legree. The nigger nothing! But his master struck me, yes, four years ago, he struck me.

  Loker. How was that?

  Legree. In a coffee house. Two fellers from the North was setting up their opinions pretty strong about cruelty, as they called it, to niggers. I spoke up and swore niggers deserved no better. With that, one of them gave me the lie. I drew my knife on him—St. Clare, who was reading a paper, stepped between. I pushed him aside, and he struck me, felled me down with a blow! There was a general fight, and when I rose! St. Clare settled by some other hand, 'twas not mine alone that stabbed him. I swore then to be fully revenged, and I'll keep my oath! He loved this nigger, he shall be mine.I couldn't kill his master, I can him. Come to the auction. (Exeunt same entrance as Sambo and niggers R.H.)

  Scene 2nd

An old black walnut wainscoted room in Simon Legree's house on the plantation, with door in


flat, back cut of 1st Grooves. Enter R.H. Cassy. She goes D. in F. Knocks.

  Eliza. (inside R.D.F.) Who's there?

  Cassy. 'Tis I, Cassy. (lock heard to turn—Eliza enters, as complete a change as possible in her dress and appearance in Act 1st.)

  Eliza. Oh! Cassy is it you? I am so glad you are come. I was afraid it was—

  Cassy. Legree—no, he has not yet returned.

  Eliza. Oh, Cassy, do tell me, couldn't we get away from this dreadful place? This terrible man? I don't care where, into the swamps among the snakes, anywhere. Couldn't we get some where away from him?

  Cassy. Nowhere but in our graves.

  Eliza. Did you ever try?

  Cassy. I've seen enough of trying, but what comes of it?

  Eliza. I'd be willing to live in the swamps and


gnaw the bark from the trees. I'm not afraid of suckers. I'd rather a snake near me than him.

  Cassy. There have been a good many here of your opinion, but you couldn't stay in the swamps. You'd be tracked by his dogs and brought back and then—and then—

  Eliza. What would he do?

  Cassy. What would he do? Look there! (points off L.) Do you see that black and blasted tree and the ground all sprinkled with ashes. Ask anyone what was done there, and see if they will dare to tell you.

  Eliza. What do you mean?

  Cassy. Murder! Cruel, cold-blooded, horrid murder! Wretches like me and you have been bound to that tree and lashed to death. If you still refuse to suffer his embraces such will be your fate.

  Eliza. Oh! Cassy! Pity me! Pity me!

  Cassy. Pity you. Heaven knows I do. Haven't I a


daughter—where is she now. Going the way her mother did before her, I suppose, and that her children must go after her. There's no end for the curse forever.

  Eliza. Oh! That I never had been born! Oh my husband! My children! (weeps)

  Cassy. You've a husband, children too, and they are slaves?

  Eliza. No, thank heaven, no! My husband escaped with me to Canada four years ago, we were happy, we had two children. He worked—we both worked. He purchased his freedom and after a time we saved enough to purchase mine. I too am free. When a creature of the negro trader Haley, named Marks, decoyed me from home on a feigned pretence of a sudden accident to my husband, seized, bound, and brought me to New Orleans. You know the rest.

  Cassy. I do—three days ago you were purchased by the man, the monster who now owns you, and who will sacrifice you to his brutal lust.


  Eliza. Oh, no! No! Oh save me! Save me! Indeed, I am free! You have a daughter. Think, were she now in my place, would you see her worse than murdered.

  Cassy. No, you shall not be his victim! We may yet escape, if not, I have a dagger. We can die together. Listen, he will return tonight. I have long thought of a plan by which we may escape. He is superstitious, worked upon no doubt by his guilty fears. There is one chamber in this house, the chamber in which his mother met her death at his hands.

  Eliza. What say you?

  Cassy. Yes, murdered her because she implored him to quit his evil ways. That room is called the haunted chamber into which he, nor anyone dare go. Into that room I have from time to time already conveyed provisions. We will secret ourselves there. He will raise the neighborhood, hunt for us with dogs. His search will be vain. When abandoned during the night we may escape.


  Eliza. But he will search that room?

  Cassy. For his soul he dare not. I will provide you with garments such as his mother wore, stained with blood and seizing an opportunity, when his guilty soul is tormented by his fears, you shall appear before him. Question me no more—You shall be saved. Yes, heaven will surely lend his aid, if not to restore a daughter to a childless mother, at least to return a young wife to a husband's and a children's arms.

Exeunt R.1.E.

  Scene 3rd

The auction mart. A splendid room with a circular dome and pillars—on either side are tribunes or stations for the auctioneers and a circular block near each for the slaves to stand on as they are sold. At the back is a splendid bar, fitted up in modern style with mirrors, pictures, statues, &c. &c. Decanters, bottles, glasses, &c. and on one side lunch is set out. Barkeepers and waiters attending several gentlemen eating, drinking, and smoking. On outside stands Tom, Adolph, Dinah,


Jane, Rosa and on the other several more slaves, old and young, in groups forming a picture. Near Adolph stands 1st gentleman eyeing him through an eyeglass. Enter 2nd gentleman and taps him on the shoulder. R.H.

  2nd Gent. Hullo! Hey what brings you here?

  1st Gent. Well, I was wanting a valet and I heard that St. Clare's lot was going. I thought I'd just look at his.

  2nd Gent. Catch me buying any of St. Clare's people. Spirit niggers, every one! Imprudent as the devil.

  1st Gent. Perhaps we disagree in that particular. However, I shall buy Mr. Adolph here if it's okay, for poor St. Clare's sake. I am going to Europa and shall take him with me. (goes up with 2nd gent to bar)

Enter Legree L.H. Haley, Loker and Sambo. Sambo goes up to niggers.

  Legree. Well, Haley, it is all right. I buy Tom, you knock the nigger down to me, anyhow mine is to be the highest bid.

  Haley. Of course it is. You wouldn't forget my terms—cash, you know?

  Legree. I never forget what I've promised I'll do. Come, let's take a drink. (They go up to bar off R.H.2.E. and return directly. Enter L.H. Aunty, Penetrate & Topsy. Aunty looks round amazed.

  Aunty. Why, Spouse,what's this?

  Penetrate. This is the auction room.

  Aunty. Auction! Why they are eating and drinking, out those.

  Penetrate. Yes, the buyers take whom and a bite ginerally, but them as is sold don't get nothing but licks particularly.

2nd Gent comes down R.H. stares at Aunty and goes up R.H.

  Penetrate. (to Aunty) Duck! I guess you're suthin' of a show here; women don't come here without they come to be sold ginerally, but as you come to do a woman's duty, guess if any of 'em says too much to you or gives


any sarse, they'll find pretty damned quick, they're sold particlarly.

Sambo rings a bell. All come forward. Haley mounts one of the rostrums R. with his hammer and a paper.

  Haley. Now gentleman! (pauses and looks at Aunty) And I may, I believe, on this particular and only occasion say, lady!

  Penetrate. (L.H.) You may say all that ginerally and you may add she's a hull souled full-blooded down Easter in particlar.

  Haley. Thank you, sir.

  Penetrate. (getting angry) You're welcome and while you're about it, you may say I am her—

  Aunty. (remonstrating L.H. corner) Spouse!

  Penetrate. Just so, I am her spouse, and a man ginerally and don't allow any impertinent remarks or observations to be made to her, or of her by you or any sich like you particlarly.

Legree R. H. to Haley.


  Legree. No fooling here. Attend to business.

  Penetrate. Just so, sell the critturs.

  Haley. Gentlemen and (catches Penetrate's eye) Hem! Gentlemen. The first lot is No. 1 and No. 1 is No. 1 and moreover a No. 1. Here Adolph, step up here. (Adolph steps on to block.) Look at No. 1 gents! No. 1 is smart. No. 1 is 23 years of age next—

  Penetrate. Grass. I guess.

  Haley. July. Stands [blank space] feet, handsome, well made, complete master of his business. I may say profession, and that business or profession is gentleman's gentleman—vulgarly called valet de shane!

  Legree. In other words a useless puppy! He wants a master that would know how to use him and make him know his place.

  Penetrate. (aside) I guess you've got a master that keeps an eye on sich kind as you ginerally and in the end make you know your place particlarly. (points below)


  Haley. (looks at 1st Gent) I am offered a bid 800 dollars for No. 1. I need not enumerate his qualities. No. 1 speaks for himself.

  Penetrate. (aside) Guess if he dared he say something mighty unpleasant to you particlarly.

  Haley. Going for 800—only 800.

  Legree. (R.H.) Knock him down! Nobody'll give more for such trash.

  Penetrate. (to Aunty) Duck! Hold on to me. Don't holler if I grip your hand hard. I must grip suthin' or I shall sure to do a little knocking down here on my own hook.

  Aunty. Spouse, be calm!

  Penetrate. I will, but don't let go of me.

  Haley. No. 1 going! Going for 800. 800 dollars only. No more! Once, twice, going, gone! (to 1st Gent.) He's yours, Sir.

Sambo comes to help Adolph down. Offers his hand.


  Adolph. Don't touch me, nigger. (jumps down takes off his hat, and bows to Dinah, &c.) Adieu ladies and gentlemen of the St. Clare's family. I am about to take a short tour to Europe, but be assured I shall never do anything to degrade our family.

  Penetrate. Ginerally!

  Adolph. (laying his hand on heart) Or the name of Adolph St. Clare. (going up and off 2nd) E. R. H.

  Penetrate. Particlarly. Puppies is looking up.

  Haley. And now gentlemen and la—

  Penetrate. Ah! Would you.

  Haley. Gentlemen, the next lot, though lot No. 2, is the crack lot of the day. Tom, better known as Kentucky Tom, or Uncle Tom, step up here. Tom!

Tom is going to the block.

  Legree. Why don't you move—spring! (strikes him with whip)


  Penetrate. (to Aunty) Hold on to me tight, Duck!

  Haley. Nothing need be said of No. 2. No. 2 is a man, look at him—a man.

  Penetrate. Pity there warn't more ginerally!

  Haley. I put Tom at 1,200 dollars!

  Penetrate. Hello! Hello! Hold on! You put him? Why he ain't yours?

  Haley. I am authorised to put him at that sum, less he can't be sold for.

  Aunty. (surprised and sorry) Spouse.

  Penetrate. Duck!

  Aunty. This is bad.

  Penetrate. Particlarly. (to Haley) But say you, who gave you the right to put him up without a bid?

  Legree. I did.

  Penetrate. By what authority?


  Legree. (takes out a well filled pocket book) That!

  Penetrate. How much is intu it?

  Legree. As much as would buy two men like that. (points to Tom)

  Penetrate. And more than a hundred such as you ginerally.

  Aunty. Spouse!

  Penetrate. Duck! Let go of me. (breaks away) My dander's riz, and by mighty! If Uncle Tom ain't sold fair as niggers can be sold ginerally, then somebody else is goin' to be knocked down and pretty considerable damn quick too.

  Aunty. Penetrate, Spouse.

  Penetrate. That's just it, Duck! Penetrate. I mean to penetrate some of their hearts here. (turns to all the gents) Look a here! Among the hull lot of you ain't there no white men here. No men free enough to express their own opinions


fair and open to a bully with a knife in his hand. No one man but me. Then if you won't speak out like men ought to do ginerally and say this nigger shall be fairly sold, I will alone! And I do say, he shall be put up and knocked down fairly to the highest bidder. He shall by thunder! (pulls off coat)

  Many voices. That's right, stranger!

  1st Gent. The nigger shall be sold fairly.

  All. Yes, put him up. Put him up!

  Legree. Ay, put him up. (goes to Tom) And look ar here, nigger, your friend there shall have the satisfaction of knowing how much service he has rendered you. I will buy you and the dearer you cost me, the dearer I'll make you pay for it. Now your friend and all niggers friends may bid away ginerally.

Sneeringly looking at Penetrate. Penetrate shakes hand L.H. with 1st Gent. Puts coat over his shoulders.


  Haley. (nods to Legree) No. 2 going at 1,200.

  Penetrate. (highly excited) Thirteen!

  1st Gent. (excited too) Fourteen!

  Aunty. Fifteen!

  Haley. Fifteen—at fifteen!

  Penetrate. Sixteen.

  Legree. Two thousand.

  Haley. At two thousand! Going, go—

  Aunty. And one hundred.

  Penetrate. And one more.

  1st Gent. Twenty-three hundred.

  Haley. Twenty-three going at 23—

  Legree. Twenty-four!

  Haley. Gone!


  Penetrate & Aunty. (highly excited) No, no, twenty-five.

  Legree. He's mine at twenty-four.

  Penetrate. No mine at twenty-five.

  Legree. He was knocked down to me.

  Penetrate. No, to me.

  Legree. You lie!

  Penetrate. (knocks him down) And you was knocked down by me, and there you lie—

  Loker. (pushes away Penetrate) He bought him.

  1st Gent & voices No! No!

Music. Hurry. Row and general fight. Penetrate knocks down Legree again. Aunty figures in with her umbrella. Topsy [3-4 ILLEGIBLE WORDS] Dinah gets Sambo down in one corner, pummels him, and 1st Gent knocks down and pummels


Loker on the other. Haley comes to rescue Legree, shares his fate from Penetrate. Legree seizes Tom, drags him up. Penetrate claps one of the fallen rostrums over Haley jumps on it on C. waves his coat. Drop falls on confusion on background and on animated picture on front. Topsy [2-3 ILLEGIBLE WORDS] Aunty violently [2-3 ILLEGIBLE WORDS]
Quick Drop.