The New York Herald
11 November 1842


  The approach of the end of the world, as calculated by Prophet Miller, is beginning to produce a great effect on society at large. All the newspaper press have taken sides against Miller, and are in favor of postponement. On the contrary we learn that there has been a terrible awakening at the Five Points.—One of the celebrated "niggers" who danced before Dickens and his committee, has taken up the subject, and the following is a report of his last sermon as preached by the Rev. Thomas Snowball, of Uncle Sam district:—

  "Belubbed Bruddren—Dis day ob our Lord I pose to 'zammin de proofs ob de 'struction ob de world and massa Miller's day ob judgment. We take de text for dis ebening at de sebenty-leben chapter ob de gospel ob de apostle Judas:—'The proof ob de puddin' is eating it up.' Dis 'lude to de fack dat you must sarch de scriptur to find out 'bout de eend ob de world. In de fust place, de world have four corners, as de scriptur tell you; and den dare are de eend ob de world. One eend is de beginnin' ob de world, and de odder eend is de finish ob de whole bizness. Now I go for to prove dat de world is destroyed in 1843, and dat is de odder eend ob de world. In de fust place, Eve says to Adam, 'if you eat dis apple you surely die.' Now I 'speck dat apple was a punkin, accordin to scriptur language—bekaze you all knows dat de scripture always mean different from what it sez. Now when Adam eat dis apple, he find a worm in de core, and dat 'splain de ollegory, which mean dat dare was somethin' in de apple dat would eat Adam after he was dead. Dis is de fust division ob our subjeck, and prove dat men shall die. Now I hope dat you shall not forget dat all men shall die, for de scriptur tell you dat for sartin. Dis prove to you dat de world was created, bekase if dere was no world created, it couldn't be destroyed. Den de sun and de moon was made to gib light by day and de stars by night. Sometimes de stars don't shine in de night; dat is because de moon is not out; but you can see de stars on de bright moonlight; and dat is de proof dat dere is stars in de hebins, and tho' I would'nt believe it if de scriptur did'nt tell us ob 'em. Dis is de proof dat dese tings was made; and dey was made to be pulled to pieces and destroyed; as de scriptur tell you. In de fuss place dare is de rainbow dat was placed in de clouds arter de flood, and dat prove to you dat de world has been destroyed once, and dat it will be destroyed again; like de hot corn dat is fust put in de water, and eat up afterward. Since de days ob de flood is just four thousand year, if you add de age ob your 'spected preacher, it will make up de 1843 year exackly. But we must go back and reckon from de beast of Daniel. Dis beast hab feet dat was clay; dat is a prophecy ob dis berry age ob de world when Clay is de last president and de 'struction hit de feet ob Clay; it happen in his reign. De golden head ob be image show dat de gold currency ob gineral Jackson happen fust, jest before about de same time. Den de legs ob iron is ole Tyler dat has been as obstinate and hard as iron to his ole friends. De little stone is massa Miller dat nobody believed in, and he is so little dat he is 'jected by de builders; and when he prove true, den he find all de world believe in him, and de little stone will be a mountain. Den we come to de beast in de Rebellation dat hab seben horns and ten heads on each horn. Dis great beast 'spress dis age ob de world, and de tings dat happen now. It is de Croton water works, and dey spout out water out ob dare mouth, which is de fountains in de Park, and Saint John's place, and de Bowling Green. De locusts dat swarm out so thick is de great Croton procession. Now de prophet Daniel and de prophet Nebuchadnezzar, and Julius Caesar prophecy de 'struction ob de world in 1843. De lass prophet tell you to 'member de ideas ob March. Now March means April in de scriptur, and one day means a year, and a year means one day, and when it say 'resist not evil,' it means you must 'ploy massa Colt's machine to blow up de enemy. Now put dat to dat, and you find dat de apostle Judas, de banker, prophecy de 'struction ob de world when he sell his massa for thirty pieces ob silver; for if you add thirty to de time dat your 'spected preacher was thirteen years old, it will make it jest 1843 year. When St. George and St. Blue Beard turn de water into wine, it was a wedding. Now de total absence folks turn de wine back agin into water and dat is a type ob de marriage ob Cain in Galilee, dat dey should be married and giben in marriage, when de flood come and destroy 'em all. In de ole country dere was St. Peter, and St. Juggernot, de one kill two people to get dar money, and de odder drowned all de infants in de ribber Ganges. St. Herod kill all de babes ob Bethlehem, and St. Moses kill all de women and babes ob Canaan. Dis was all done to 'struct as 'bout de 'struction ob de world, and is de type what show dar what would come to pass in de lass days. When de debbels enter into de swine dar was just 460 hogs, and each hog hab tree pigs, which makes 1840 hogs in all, and Peter, John, and James made up de 1843. Dis is de reckoning ob massa Miller. De scarlet naughty women in de rebbelation 'lude to dat gal dat threaten to slap de chops ob your 'spected preacher, in Sam Johnson's suller tudder night."