[from] Hymns for Infant Minds
Jane Taylor
Phialdelphia: American Sunday School Union, 1832



THIS is a precious book indeed!
Happy the child that loves to read!
'Tis GOD'S own word, which he has given
To show our souls the way to heaven!


It tells us how the world was made,
And how good men the Lord obeyed;
There his commands are written too,
To teach us what we ought to do.

It bids us all from sin to fly,
Because our souls can never die;
It points to heaven, where angels dwell,
And warns us to escape from hell.

But, what is more than all beside,
The Bible tells us JESUS died!
This is its best, its chief intent,
To lead poor sinners to repent.

Be thankful, children, that you may
Read this good Bible every day:
'Tis God's own word, which he has given,
To show your souls the way to heaven.