The Spirit of the Times
Unsigned [William T. Porter?]
New York: 23 October 1847

  CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS.—These sable songsters draw larger audiences than when they first opened. Their popularity is most certainly on the increase, and we feel confident that if the room was larger, it would be as full nightly as Mechanic's Hall has been during this week. We did flatter ourselves with the hope that if we arrived on the ground at half-past seven, we would be able to get a front seat; but were compelled to take the third bench from the entrance. Before eight, the hour to begin, the middle aisle was full; the entrance, crowded; and four or five men perched on the top of the door frame. This we call a demonstration sufficient to prove popularity, and we have no hesitation to say that it is deserved. As we have already stated, the second part of their entertainment is the most original, and one of the most amusing exhibitions we ever saw. In reference to a visit we would only urge, go early.