The Spirit of the Times
Unsigned [William T. Porter?]
New York: 3 September 1853

From Things Theatrical

  Wood's Minstrels.—Some evil minded and designing fellow thought, no doubt, to extinguish this celebrated company, and so one night broke the lamp in front of their hall. Woods, however, are shining lights, and their interesting performances are not to be quite so easily extinguished, especially when so much is done by the company to give the public the most decided satisfaction.

  Crowded as Christy's houses have been, night after night and week after week, for a succession of years, Buckley's Ethiopian Serenaders, in the Chinese Building, are fast gaining ground with the public. The rush to hear the three different companies is wonderful; no matter what the attraction may be elsewhere, they contrive to do an excellent business. We hear that Sanford's troupe, now in Philadelphia, will be here soon, to "divide the spoils."