The Spirit of the Times
Unsigned [William T. Porter?]
New York: 10 September 1853

From Things Theatrical

  Wood's Minstrels are doing a flourishing business; their selection of songs are of the most pleasing character, provoking mirth and laughter and also touching the more tender strings of nature. This company is well managed, and as a body of chorus singers are unsurpassed in the country, being also true and perfect delineators of the funny and sentimental "darkies."

  Christy's—Keep at full blast and blow their horn pretty loud among all the rest of the instruments that make us merry. Massa George was reported to be defunct, and we believed the story, having most decidedly heard his "bones" rattle at their Opera house this week. Yet we 'spose that goes to show he's alive and well. So be it. Go it, bones! Strangers are recommended by us to see all the Ethiopians in town, they are among the most laughable entertainments we have, and a good laugh is worth something now-a-days.

  Buckley's are doing a thriving business, and the performances are nightly received with roars of laughter and great enthusiasm. The harmonious strife among these Ethiopian minstrels are doing them all good.