Bone Squash's Black Joke Al-Ma-Nig
Philadelphia: Fisher and Brother, 1851.


  IT am a 'stablished fact in de skience ob coonology, dat de coon an' de moon hab possumtibely a telumgraphic connection, t'rou which, by a single wink ob de count'nance, it receibes a charm from de lunaries, an' luminatious orb, which kind ob makes de animal invulgerable an' imprevious to de penestratib powers ob de bullet, de buck-shot, an' de nigga's heel, dat is, so long as dey can cast one eye 'pon de moon. It am only a little 'fore since, at 'bout night's sofe noon, I treed a coon by de light ob de moon, an' t'ought I'd soon play him de tune to which de ancient cow expired into dissolution. So I opened de powder banjo, an' wibrated on him; but he only looked at de moon wid his face, an' I missed him all ober. I fired six times, an' I missed him in de mouf, in de stomach, in de 'gestion, in de head, an' in de region catamount to dat; at last bein' conwinced ob de luminar cooner relative. I jist persuaded his face in anoder dejection, an' 'mediately let shoot, an' by golley I had him all ober. Whar' I missed him afore; he turned up his eye, wink at de moon wid his tail, but it was too protracted in de season, for a cloud cum ober de moon. It wus too protracted in de season, for a cloud cum ober de moon. It was sartain coon-set, an' he suspired widout a breaf."