Bone Squash's Black Joke Al-Ma-Nig
Philadelphia: Fisher and Brother, 1851.


  STEAM am a purty strong chap when he gets his passion riz, an' gunpowder an' a little samer; 'lectricity am wery striken, an' glawanism purty tall. Faith can shoulder a mountain, standin' on 'nother; but, music, all smash, all perwaden an' persauden love, am jist as much stronger dan eberyt'ing else, as a bullephant am stronger dan a billy-goat. De great African poet Obid, in his "Art ob Lub," book de twentyscbenth, say it am de great art, dat all arts are arter. But music is natur', an' natur' am jist as far superior to art, as de sun am to a shipwrecked sunshade. You may scold a gal; you may scare her to death, an' den starve her arterwards; you may talk to her, an' persuade her on your knees, till de flesh wants patchen, an' she may be coold as salted ice an' water; but jist tickle her a mile off wid a bango-string, twenty words ob a song, an' galwanize her heart, as a cat fassagenates a catbird, an' she walks right into you, done overan' obercome, an' as submissive as a sucken kitten, jist de same as dat wench in de dang-niggertype.—Look.