Turner's Comic Almanac, 1851
Philadelphia: 1850.


  "I say, Mr. Pompey Pumpkin, please for to do me the fatisaction to lickquidate dis yar little William."

  "Sar, wid de most horizontal pleasure; what am de natur ob de per contra?"

  "Sa! It comsorts to comprise a catalogical inventory ob sundry, ob second and third handed gentlemen's habiliments, includin de entire and dissolute costume dat you now appear in, and which you hab done our establishment in Brattle street, de honor to hire for de daily promenade hours on Washington Street."

  "Sura, very possentively it am quite an elongated distance od account, but apprepos, since you submit dat my distinque and distensive patronage is an hona, why you must just please take de hona for de pay, for possentively, my exchequer am not supplied wid de solentary red tenth ob a dime."

  "Sar, your style ob diction am a little too niggerature for my present supply ob suskeptibity, please to be more cal-low-querous."

  "Well den, in vulgar phraseology, I hasen't got de fust red cent,—so go along, niggar."