The Drunkard; or, the Fallen Saved
Adapted by W.H. Smith
New York: WM. Taylor and Co.1850

SCENE VI.—The Five Points— Stage Dark, clubs, R. and L.—Enter EDWARD MIDDLETON in the custody of two watchmen, he is shouting.—WILLIAM DOWNTON enters hastily, knocks down watchmen, rescues Edward, and they exit, R.—Other rowdies enter, fight.—Stage clear, shouts, &c., and off, R.—Enter CRIBBS, with coat torn half off, and dancing, fighting about stage, from L. U. E.


  Oh, my! Oh, good gracious! How can I get out of this scrape? I came here with the best intentions. Oh, my! to see the law put in force! Oh, dear! somebody has torn my coat tail—good gracious! Lord have mercy! I've lost my hat—no, here it is. [Picks up dreadful shabby hat and puts it on, runs from one side to another.—Enter watchmen and mob, meeting him from R.


  [Pointing out Cribbs to watchmen.] That's the chap, the worst among 'em. [They seize Cribbs.


  I'm a respectable man. [They pick him up bodily and carry him off, R., shouting, he exclaims, "I'm a lawyer, I'm a respectable man," &c.—William follows laughing.—General confusion