The Drunkard; or, the Fallen Saved
Adapted by W.H. Smith
New York: WM. Taylor and Co.1850

LAST SCENE.—Interior of Cottage as in Act 1st, Scene 1st. Everything denoting domestic peace and tranquil happiness.—The sun is setting over the hills at back of landscape.—Edward discovered near music stand, R.—Julia seated on low stool on his L.—Mary sewing at handsome work table, L.—Elegant table, R. S. E., with astral lamp, not lighted.—Bible and other books on it.—Two beautiful flower-stands, with roses, myrtles, &c., under window, L. and R.— Bird-cages on wings, L. and R.—Covers of tables, chairs, &c., all extremely neat, and in keeping.

Edward plays on flute symphony to "Home, sweet Home." Julia sings first verse.—Flute solo accompaniment.—the burthen is then taken up by chorus of villagers behind.—Orchestral accompaniments, &c.—Gradually crescendo, forte.— Villagers enter from C. gradually, grouping L. and C.—Action of recognition and good wishes, repeated quicker, and all retire with the exception of Edward, Mary, Julia, William and Agnes, singing, and becoming gradually dimuendo—Air is repeated slowly.—Julia kneels to Edward, who is at table, R., seated, in prayer.—Edward's hand on Bible, and pointing up.—Mary standing, leaning upon his chair. —William and Agnes, L. C.Music till curtain falls.—Picture.