The National Era
Unsigned Article
Washington, D.C.: 3 March 1853


  Some time since, the "Northern Farmer," published some where in New York, (we forget where,) and devoted ostensibly to agricultural objects, contained a shabby editorial, full of low prejudice and abuse against Mrs. Stowe, and Anti-Slavery people generally. We made a short extract, accompanying it with comments simply designed to inform our farming friends of the character of a periodical professedly devoted to their interests.

  We have just received from the publisher the following note, acknowledging our services. Considering the aid we have rendered him, it does not speak much for his gratitude. Unfortunately, prosperity seems to have soured his temper.


February 15, 1853.

DEAR BAILEY: Your lying, meddling paragraph in the Era, in regard to my journal, is worthy only of men who counsel the shedding of blood and robbery. You "bite a file" when you attack the Northern Farmer. I am receiving daily from 100 to 300 new subscribers, and have received 10,000 since January. So go on, sir, and give another kick as quick as you please. I have over 100 Abolitionists now acting as agents for me, (see within letter,) and if you think the whole world is ready to kneel to Mrs. Stowe, or to make fools of themselves over "Uncle Tom's Cabin," you greatly err.

Yours, &c., T. B. MINER.