The National Era
Unsigned (Gamaliel Bailey)
Washington, D.C.: 1 January 1852

  MRS. STOWE'S STORY.—This story is to be published in a separate form by Jewett & Co., of Boston. Orders for it should be sent to them. They are stereotyping it, as it appears in the Era, so that it will be issued by them, so soon as completed in our paper. Could Mrs. Stowe see the hundreds of warm, hearty compliments paid her in our letters, she would be convinced that she is doing a good work.

  We observe that this publication is attracting attention on the other side of the Atlantic. Richard D. Webb, an able correspondent of the New York Anti-Slavery Standard, writing from Dublin, says:

  "I have lately had an opportunity of seeing the National Era, and am greatly struck by the ability of a story now publishing in its columns. I do not know whether you have looked over it. It is called 'Uncle Tom's Cabin; or Life among the Lowly.' In point of fact, it gives sketches of life among negroes, planters, Quakers, in the taverns, in New Orleans, and all sorts of places, and these are drawn with remarkable vigor and effect. I anticipate great popularity for the book when completed."