The National Era
Unsigned Article
Washington, D.C.: 8 September 1853

  "AID AND COMFORT" TO THE ABOLITIONISTS.—"A Citizen," in a communication to the New Orleans Bulletin of the 3d ult., gives a copy of a note which was sent to the school directors of the fourth district of New Orleans. The note commences thus:

  "Gentlemen, I presume no member of your board would, knowingly, be instrumental in appropriating the public moneys to the support of Abolitionists: hence I conclude that you are all ignorant of the fact that two members of that faction are receiving pay as public school teachers. I allude to Miss —— and Miss ——, the former being principal, and the latter her assistant, in the school. These ladies are the warm admirers and apologists of that libelous publication known as Uncle Tom's Cabin, and cannot, therefore, be otherwise than inimical to our 'peculiar institutions.'"

  To the charge thus made, it was urged that it was "clearly our duty to discourage the residence among us of those who cherish hostility to our institutions," and that "to pay them salaries out of the public funds is wholly incompatible with that independence which should be maintained under all circumstances." These considerations were urged at considerable length; yet on the 18th ult. these teachers were re-elected. "A Citizen" thereupon cries out against the treachery of the school directors of the fourth district. "If this community," he says, "is prepared to sanction such treachery on the part of any public body, it is full time that we were aware of the fact." We think so, too.