The National Era
Unsigned Article
Washington, D.C.: 9 April 1857

  EXTREME WANT OF GALLANTRY.—The South Carolina Times is denouncing Mrs. Emerson, the lady lecturer, with a great deal of acerbity. In Sumter, S.C., she endeavored to lecture, but was forcibly prevented. She suffered the further indignity of having her baggage searched. A committee, appointed for the purpose, followed her to her hotel, where, to quote the secretary of the committee, "upon an examination of her effects, they found matter which fully corroborated their worst suspicions. Upon inspection of her papers, they came to the conclusion that she was a philanthropist of the Madame Beecher and Stowe order, and that her mission among the Carolinians, if for no worse purpose, was to collect materials for a work similar to Uncle Tom's Cabin."