The National Era
Unsigned (Gamaliel Bailey)
Washington, D.C.: 1 April 1852

Uncle Tom's Cabin.

  Mrs. Stowe has at last brought her great work to a close. The last chapters appear in this week's Era. With our consent, the Boston publishers issued an edition of five thousand on the 20th of March, but it has already been exhausted, and another edition of five thousand has appeared.

  We do not recollect any production of an American writer that has excited more profound and general interest. Since the commencement of its publication in our columns, we have received literally thousands of testimonials from our renewing subscribers, to its unsurpassed ability.

  We hope that this grand work of fiction may not be the last service to be rendered by Mrs. Stowe to the cause of Freedom, through the columns of the National Era.

  Copies of this work are for sale at this office. Price, in paper covers $1; cloth, $1.50; cloth, full gilt, $2.

  Persons at a distance of not over 500 miles can have this work mailed to them, free of postage, on addressing L. Clephane, at this office, and enclosing $1 in money and 24 cents in post office stamps; over 500 miles, the postage will be forty-eight cents.