The Liberator
[Unsigned, probably William Lloyd Garrison]
Boston: 11 June 1852

  "UNCLE TOM'S CABIN." This heart-melting and thrilling work continues to find a demand that can hardly be met by the utmost activity of the press and the bookbinders. We are informed by the publishers, that the eightieth thousand edition will be published to-morrow, making 160,000 volumes in the brief period of eleven weeks!—a sale unprecedented in the country, in any instance, if not in the whole world. English editions of it are rapidly selling—one being printed at London in a cheap form, at the low rate of 2s. 6d., or about 60 cents. It should never be forgotten, that Mrs. H. B. Stowe, its gifted author, was moved to take up the subject of slavery, in the manner, by the passage of the Fugitive Slave Law. So does a just God overrule evil for good.