The Liberator
Boston: 5 August 1853

Panorama of Slavery.

  A correspondent, writing to us from Indiana, makes the following interesting announcement:—

  'I write you at present to ask you to notice, in THE LIBERATOR, the fact that Mr. HAYS, a talented Indiana anti-slavery artist, has been engaged nearly a year in painting an extensive Panorama of Slavery, or an illustration of "Uncle Tom's Cabin." It will contain some fifty scenes—the characters as large as life. Though one (if not more) painting of the kind is already before the public, we believe this is the first one projected. Mr. Hays is an artist of decided merit, as numerous specimens of his art have shown; it being the opinion of his friends that he has few superiors in America. Poverty and natural diffidence have hitherto kept him in obscurity. He believes that in the prosecution of this work, he will not only aid his own resources, but do a work that will materially aid the cause of the slave. We think he deserves the encouragement of the friends of merit and genius, and especially of the friends of the slave. It is the intention of Mr. Hays to ship his work east, as soon as finished, and leave it to stand or fall before the most rigid criticism.'