The Liberator
Boston: 5 August 1853


  The following parody on the popular negro air, 'Poor Uncle Ned,' from Mr. Buckstone's 'Ascent of Mount Parnassus,' was lately sung at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London:—

Of 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' who has not had a sight?
Who of Topsy the name does not know?
If any one could wash a Blackamoor white,
It would be Mrs. Beecher Stowe.
It's a very good book, we know,
And has made our noses to blow,
But they've worked 'im so much I wish poor Uncle Tom
Was gone where all good niggers go.

Wherever you travel, wherever you stop,
Uncle Tom his black poll's sure to show:
With his songs, polkas, waltzes, they fill every shop,
Till, like Topsy, 'I 'specs they must grow!'
The stage had enough of Jim Crow,
A jumping and a 'doing just so,'
And 'twoud be quite a blessing if poor Uncle Tom
Would after that good nigger go.

  No doubt all that is oppressive and pro-slavery, on both sides of the Atlantic, would be heartily rejoiced if both 'Uncle Tom' and his 'Cabin' could forever be lost sight of by the world; but they will remain terribly visible until the overthrow of the slave system.