The Liberator
Boston: 21 April 1854


  The enterprising musical publisher, HORACE WALTERS, 333 Broadway, New York, has recently published the following pieces, in a handsome style, for copies which we are indebted to him:--

  Eva to her Papa; as sung by little Cordelia Howard in her original Character of the gentle Eva, in Uncle Tom's Cabin. Words and Music written expressly for her by her father, George C. Howard, and most respectfully dedicated to her mother.

  The Ghost of Uncle Tom: composed by Miss Martha Hill, and sung by the Hutchinson Family, at their concerts throughout the country.

  Oh! I'se so Wicked! As sung by Mrs. G. C. Howard, in her celebrated and original Character of Topsy, in Uncle Tom's Cabin. Words and Music by George C. Howard.

  Uncle Tom's Religion: As sung in the Moral Drama of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Words and Music by G. C. Howard.

  Let us speak of a Man as we find him. Song and Chorus sung by Buckley's Serenaders. Words by James Simmonds. Music by J. R. Thomas. Dedicated to the Hon. John P. Hale.

  The Prodigal Son: A Sacred Song. Quartette or Chorus, for the uses of the Church or Social and Family Circles. Harmonized and arranged for the Piano-forte, Organ or Melodeon, by Henry C. Watson.

  I Paddle my own Canoe. Song and Quartette, as sung by the Bakers'. Composed and arranged for the Piano-forte by John C. Baker.

  The Dying Words of Little Katy; or, Will he Come? In the story of Hot Corn, by Solon Robinson. Music by Horace Waters.

  Little Katy's Voice: as sung by little Cordelia Howard, in the Drama of Little Katy, the Hot Corn Girl. Words and Music by G. C. Howard.

  The Old Oak-Tree Waltz, by Dr. Charles H. G. F. Loehr.

  The Bignores Polka, by M. G. S.

  Van der Weyde's City Polka, for 1854.

  These are also for sale by G. P. Reed & Co., Boston; Lee & Walker, Philadelphia; W. C. Peters & Sons, Cincinnati. They will find ready purchasers.