The Liberator
Boston: 4 September 1854

  STORY BOOKS. John. P. Jewett & Co., 117 Washington street, are publishing a series of very handsomely executed and profusely illustrated Story Books, in a new form, on excellent paper and large type. Among them are--'The Edinburgh Doll, and other Tales for Children, by Aunt Mary'--'Minnie May, with other Rhymes and Stories, by Kate Barcaly'--'Uncle Tom's Cabin,' &c. They cannot fail to prove highly attractive to all the little folks; and as they are all designed to excite sympathy for the poor, oppressed slave, all liberty-loving parents will take special pleasure in putting them into the hands of their beloved children. 'Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined.' To the rising generation must be committed the task of bringing slavery to 'a perpetual end.'