The Liberator
Unsigned Reprint
Boston: 7 January 1853

The White Slave, or Memoirs of a Fugitive.

  This is the most thrilling tale we have read since we read 'Uncle Tom's Cabin.' It is entirely different from that story, but in its way it is quite as powerful. It is more bitter, more terrible in its denunciation of Slavery, and 'the evils inseparable from it,' but it is just the book needed everywhere at the North. It rouses the spirit and indignation of every manly heart, and we cannot see how any one can read it without vowing eternal hatred of Slavery in all its different forms. The book is written anonymously—yet it is well known that Richard Hildreth is the author. Mr. Hildreth is one of our foremost intellects, and is well known to literary men as the author of one of the best histories of the United States. We advise every one who can afford it, to buy 'The White Slave,' read, and circulate it among his neighbors. TAPPAN & WHITTEMORE, publishers. For sale by F. A. BROWN, in Hartford.—Hartford Republican.