Frederick Douglass' Paper
Unsigned Reprint
Rochester: 11 March 1853

  UNCLE TOM'S CABIN.—The demand for this work shows no sign of abatement. Messrs. Jewett & Co. have already, within eight months, issued more than a quarter of a million of copies of it, and its American readers may now be counted by millions. Of the pamphlet edition, 120,000 copies have been printed. This very significantly shows the state of the public mind relative to the slavery question.

  We learn that large orders for Uncle Tom's Cabin are now beginning to come in from the South. The publishers have just received one order from Vicksburg, Miss., another from New Orleans, another from a bookseller in Georgia. It triumphs over slavery's Index Expurgatorious, all the nobler elements of human nature everywhere being in league with it; and it will be circulated as widely among readers in the South as in the North.—Boston Com.