Frederick Douglass' Paper
Unsigned Reprint
Rochester: 22 April 1853


  Uncle Tom is now one year old. On the 20th of March, 1852, Messrs. John P. Jewett & Co. sold the first copy of the first edition. On the 20th of March, 1853, they had published 305,000 copies or—as only about 300 business days had transpired—they had sold (at the ordinary book-rate of one thousand copies to an edition) AN EDITION A DAY for that entire period. Sufficiently remarkable as this may appear, we learn from them—what is more remarkable still—that the demand continues without sensible abatement; nearly as many copies having been sold during the past month, as in any other month in the year. The work is now selling largely at the South, and constant orders are coming in from all parts of the world, Oregon, California, and Australia not excepted. The last foreign mail brought an order for the illustrated edition from Persia!—Congregationalist.