The New York Times
Reprinted Article
21 January 1853

[From] Domestic Life in Germany

  The following letter originally appeared in the Boston Commonwealth. It is from GEO. P. FISHER, Esq., formerly Clerk in the State Department, under JOHN M. CLAYTON:

  . . . Let me not forget to say that "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is exciting great attention in Germany. Three translations have already appeared; and the utmost curiosity is felt here to learn something respecting the "niggers." Indeed their interest seems to be about equally divided between Negroes, Indians, and Mormons. On hardly any subject have I been more questioned than concerning the Mormons, a people with whom I have very little acquaintance. If I had a live one to exhibit, I could make a small fortune among these speculative, philosophic mediative Deutschen. . . .