The New York Times

20 December 1854

[From] Literary Items.

  According to the Boston Traveller 310,000 copies of Uncle Tom's Cabin have been sold in this country, and 90,000 copies of the Key to it. The Lamplighter has had a sale of 73,000 copies; Shady Side, of 42,000; BEECHER's Lectures to Young Men, 26,000; Mrs. CHILD's Life of Hopper, 15,000; COLE's Diseases of Animals, 34,000; The American Fruit Book, 20,000; WELL's School Grammar, 200,000; JEWETT's Instructors for Violin and Flute, 35,000. JEWETT & CO., have paid $70,000 in cash to authors during the three years past, of which $30,000 went to Mrs. H. B. STOWE. These publishers have issued fifty-three new books this year. CROSBY, NICHOLS & CO. have issued forty new books this year.