The New York Times
Unsigned Reprint
13 January 1859

  "UNCLE TOM" IN ITALIAN.—The Paris correspondent of the Boston Traveller writes:

  "You should get Professor MONTI to translate 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' from Italian into English. Mrs. STOWE herself would not recognize her bantling. The Pope having read 'Uncle Tom' and being delighted with it, determined to have it done into Italian for the edification of his subjects. Strange changes took place in the sleight of words, and by the time 'Uncle Tom' and the rest of the characters in the book learned to speak Italian fluently, the 'good people' became fervent Papists and the 'bad folks' deep-dyed Protestants, and finally Legree puts Uncle Tom to death, because the poor negro would not forsake his belief in the doctrine of the—Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary!"