The New York Times
Unsigned Reprint
14 January 1853

  UNCLE TOM'S CABIN.—The sale of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is prodigious. Five of the journals are now publishing it as a feuilleton. The future French opinions on American Slavery will be based on Mrs. STOWE's book.—Paris Cor. of the Picayune.

  "Have you seen it?" asked a neighbor the next morning after a late arrival from California.

  "No," was our reply, "but have you?"

  "Yes, I sat up last night and read the first volume."

  "Where did you get it?"

  "I must not say, twenty-five names are now on the list."

  We concluded there was no chance for us until the next arrival, if this copy must be thumbed by twenty-five readers.

  P.S.—The Messenger Bird has since arrived and brought a supply of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," and it has been our privilege to read the book. Most sincerely we hope every American at home and abroad may enjoy the same privilege. Especially we hope, those Senators and Representatives may read it, who voted for the Fugitive Slave Law,—those time-serving ministers of the Gospel who endeavor to justify American Slavery by the Bible—those multitudes of christian professors who are so indifferent to the accursed evils of Slavery—and finally, we hope all ultra men both in the Colonization and Abolition ranks, will read the book.—Honolulu (Sandwich Islands) Friend.