The New York Times
Unsigned Notice
1 March 1853

  UNCLE TOMITUDES.—The last English Uncle Tomitude is an advertisement in the Birmingham Journal, of the following list of songs, written by CHARLES JEFFREY, and suggested by "Uncle Tom's Cabin." They have been set to music by STEPHEN GLOVER, and illustrated by sundry artists:

  Eliza's Song—"Sleep, My Child."

  George's Song—"My Wife, my Child."

  Eva's Parting Words—"Come near me all."

  Poor Tom—"Mas'r, I can tell you nothing."

  Topsy's Song—"I am but a little Nigger Gal."

  Sambo Lament—"Keep the Wife and sell the Husband." (Music by Tully.)

  Duet—Tom and Eva—"The Sea of Glass."

  Duet—Emeline and her Mother—"Mother, are you Weeping?"

  Also, now ready, the Fourth Thousand of Tully's "Topsy's Polka," with the Portrait, by Louis Carbaux. "Tully's True Topsy Quadrille."