National Anti-Slavery Standard
Unsigned (Sidney Howard Gay)
New York: 28 October 1852

'Uncle Tom' in England

  The London Correspondent of The (N.Y.) Times says, speaking of new publications, "there has been no sensation in the literary world since the appearance of Uncle Tom's Cabin, of which new editions are appearing daily; the public appetite seems indeed to be insatiable with regard to this book—and the numerous publishers who have got hold of it, can scarcely produce it sufficiently fast for the demand." A gentleman recently returned from England says the book is in the hands of everybody, from the chimney-sweep to the toad. The Earl of Carlisle, in a letter to the editor of the Leeds Mercury, says of it:

  "With respect to the work in question, its genius, its pathos, its humour, musts sufficiently commend themselves to its nearly unparalleled number of readers; I feel that I have seen and known enough to convince my own mind equally of its general FAIRNESS, FIDELITY AND TRUTH."