Christian Inquirer
Unsigned Article
New York: 15 January 1853

  MRS. H. B. STOWE A PIRATE—The London Inquirer publishes the following anecdote:

  There are many who will be astonished to learn that Mrs. H. B. Stowe is a pirate! A Wesleyan preacher, in commencing his sermon in a northern pulpit, uttered, as his first words, "Uncle Tom's Cabin." He paused, and repeated—"Uncle Tom's Cabin." A third time he ejaculated—"Uncle Tom's Cabin." "Uncle Tom's Cabin," he exclaimed for the fourth time, "everybody is talking about 'Uncle Tom's Cabin.' Who wrote 'Uncle Tom's Cabin?' I'll tell you, my dear friends, where it all comes from. It's all taken from our Wesleyan missionary publications. 'Uncle Tom' may all be found in our own tracts!" This ingenious "detective" reminds us [Gateshead Observer] of the wag who had a friend passionately in love with Milton, and who was one day boring him with the poet's praises. At last he cried, "Bah! the old thief! All his Paradise Lost is stolen!" "Stolen?" cried the enraged worshipped of the great John, "I should like to know where he stole it from?" "Why," was the cool reply, "from the alphabet, to be sure!"