The New York Observer and Chronicle
Unsigned Article
New York: 9 December 1852

[From] Literary.

  FRANK FREEMAN'S BARBER SHOP; a tale by Rev. Baynard R. Hall, D.D. New York, Scribner.

  Dr. Hall has been well known by his former popular works, and this last contribution to what has been called "Uncle Tom Cabin" literature, is the best we have read from his pen. It is designed to show the false philanthropy, the intense hypocrisy, and exceeding wickedness of that class of fanatics who seek to excite rebellion among slaves, and to entice them from home; while it incidentally illustrates the evils of slavery, and the beauty and blessedness of laboring for the good of those who are in bonds. There is great power in the book, and when once the reader lays hold of it, he will not wish to leave it till he has made an end of it.