Christian Advocate and Journal
Unsigned Reprint
New York: 22 December 1853

Mammoth Trees.

  During the past week a party of ladies and gentlemen have visited the mammoth trees of Calaveras County, which are already, as objects of curiosity, attracting many visitors from various sections of the State. We are indebted to a member of the party for information respecting them, which will prove of interest to our readers.

  The dimensions of the "big tree," a portion of which is now on exhibition in San Francisco, have already been published; although the bark, eighteen inches thick, has been stripped off, the stump is still twenty-four feet in diameter. The body of the tree, as it lies on the ground, measures two hundred and forty-nine feet in length.

  Another of the trees is named Father Pine. . . . The Mother Tree is 91 1-2 feet in circumference. The Mother and Son are 92 feet in circumference and 300 feet in height, united at the base. The Twin Sisters, 100 feet in circumference, 300 feet in height.

  The Pioneer's Cabin is a remarkable curiosity. . . . Siamese Twins . . . Guardian of the Times . . . Uncle Tom's Cabin, 94 feet in circumference, 300 feet in height. Pride of the Forest . . . Beauty of the Forest . . . Two Friends . . .

  One of the party "axed" the Father Tree for some bark, and was rewarded by obtaining a handsome section thereof.

  The above trees are all embraced in an area not exceeding one-half mile in extent. The surrounding country is exceedingly picturesque and beautiful, and the scenery at many points along the road is said to be unsurpassed for sublimity and grandeur.—Sacramento (Cal.) Union.