The United States Review
New York: June 1854


  ...We are greatly mistaken if this subserviency of politics and political leaders to abolition, will not become still more apparent as the next Presidential election approaches. Unless prevented by party feuds, some false step in the administration of our foreign affairs, or some unlucky combination of circumstances, the present democratic ascendency we think is very likely to be maintained. In that case the Whig party will have scarcely a chance of reinstating itself in power, except by coalescing more closely with the Abolitionists and their pernicious affinities. They must rally round them all the enemies of the constitution; all the disciples of the higher law, and all those who believe the Bible behind the spirit of the age; not forgetting Lucretia Mott, Abby Folsom, Lucy Stone, and least of all, the illustrious author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin;" they must summon the Anti-Masons, Anti-Renters and Spiritual Knockers, to their aid, and evoke the ghost of Morgan from its grave if they can find where he is buried. In short, they must weep together all the rubbish of fanaticism in every form and every disguise, merge all their political principles--if they have any--in the great chaos of the new philosophy, and put on a new patchwork coat to hide their identity.