The Independent
Unsigned Article
New York: 16 December 1852

[From] Editors' Table.

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THE DISCUSSION BETWEEN REV. JOEL PARKER AND REV. A. ROOD, on the question "What are the Evils Inseparable from Slavery," which was referred to by Mrs. Stowe in "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Reprinted from the Philadelphia Christian Observer of 1846. New York: S. W. Benedict, 16 Spruce-street. Philadelphia: H. Hooker. 1852.

  Whoever desires to see for himself what Dr. Parker did teach in regard to the evils inseparable from slavery, can do so by examining this book. Our own opinion on the subject was given some time ago. We are glad that the controversy which, in consequence of its incidental connection with Uncle Tom's Cabin, has become, by the aid of the New York Observer, quite an important passage of modern literary history, has been reprinted in a form so convenient for preservation as well as for present use. If Dr. Parker is of opinion that this book does not fairly represent his views, we hope he will try once more to do himself justice. If he really thinks that the institution of slavery as it exists under the laws of Louisiana, or of any other state in the Union, is essentially wrong, we shall be most happy to have him say so; and we are sure the churches generally will rejoice with us. His present position is one from which he ought to deliver himself if he can.