The Independent
Unsigned Notice
New York: 10 March 1853

  FEMALE PIETY; or, The Young Woman's Friend and Guide through Life to Immortality. By John Angell James. New York: Carter & Brothers.

  Practical, earnest, and excellent. James' numerous works hardly need commendation, they are now so widely known and valued. In a note to one of his sermons to young mothers, the author speaks thus of Uncle Tom's Cabin:

"One of the most artistic as well as instructive characters in that wonderful book, which has burst on this country as well as the United States of America as a literary phenomenon, is that imp of ignorance and wickedness, which slavery had made half-idiot and half-demon, but who, by the touch of the magic wand of love, rose up from the degradation into which the heel of oppression had trodden her, a new creature in Christ Jesus. There is more of the true philosophy of human nature and of Christianity in that example, than in all the volumes which writers on humanity have ever written. And had that extraordinary volume been written for the exhibition of no other character than that, by which to show what love can do for the most hopeless subjects, it would not have been published in vain."