The Independent
Unsigned Notice
New York: 8 April 1852

  Uncle Tom's Cabin.—By Harriet Beecher Stowe. Published by John P. Jewett & Co., Boston. In the closing chapter, Mrs. Stowe says that the main incidents of the tale are real. She adds that

"She has endeavored to show it (slavery) fairly, in its best and worst phases. In its best aspect, she has, perhaps, been successful; but, Oh! who shall say what yet remains untold in the valley and shadow of death, that lies on the other side? The writer has given only a faint shadow, a dim picture, of the anguish and despair that are, at this very moment, riving thousands of hearts, shattering thousands of families, and driving a helpless and sensitive race to frenzy and despair. There are those living who know the mothers whom this accursed traffic has driven to the murder of their own children; and themselves seeking in death a shelter from woes more dreaded than death. Nothing of tragedy can be written, can be spoken, can be conceived, that equals the faithful reality of scenes daily and hourly acting on our shores, beneath the shadow of American law, and the shadow of the cross of Christ."