The Independent
Unsigned Notice
New York: 23 December 1852

  UNCLE TOM.—At a meeting in Glasgow, to get up a magnificent memorial fund for Mrs. Stowe, one of the speakers, Mr. Jeffrey, announced, amid loud applause, that he had received a letter from the agent of a bookselling firm in London, who had remitted 500 pounds to Mrs. Stowe, being part of their profits on "Uncle Tom's Cabin," with a promise of 10 per cent on all future sales.


  "Mr. Passmore Edwards has added a timely and forceful testimony to the truth of Mrs. Stowe's representations, by collecting in one volume the story of many fugitives under the title, 'Uncle Tom's Companions; or, Facts stronger than Fiction.'"

  EVA SONGS.—We find the following among the booksellers' advertisements in a London daily:—

  "THE LITTLE EVANGELIST, from 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' written by J. E. Carpenter, composed by A. H. Farmer. Price 2s. 'Its great merit will obtain for it a lasting popularity. It steals the sweetest over our senses and lingers longest on our memory.'—Nottingham Guardian. Also, Poor Uncle Tom, Slave Wife, Eva, Fugitive Slave, and Emmeline. J. Williams, 123 Cheapside."

  "A TEAR FOR POOR TOM.—Linley's last and best BALLAD, from 'Uncle Tom's Cabin," beautifully illustrated, just published, price 2s Also the fourth edition of Eva, and of the Slave Mother, each 2s. The six songs complete, with proof illustrations, price 7s. Chappell, 50 New Bond-street."

  UNCLE TOM'S GAME..—V. S. W. Parkhurst, Providence, has published a box of cards called "The New and Interesting Game of Uncle Tom and Little Eva," the interest of which consists in the continual separation and reunion of families. Sold by Leavitt & Allen, 27 Dey-street. Price 25 cents.